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All coaches and managers shall work with their experienced and inexperienced players to encourage them to build their individual and team playing skills. It is the goal of SHB to encourage all players to improve their skills, enjoy the game and want to continue to play.

SHB Coaches Clinic:  The SHB coaches clinic is mandatory for all coaches whether or not they’ve coached in the past. We also offer an ASA-sponsored coaches clinic for all coaches and assistant coaches.

ASA Coaches Clinics:  If you do not have a certificate of training that was completed within the last 2 years from a ASA-sponsored clinic, you will not be allowed to be a head coach. You must complete one of the ASA-sponsored clinics to be a head coach or hold a valid and current certificate. Contact your Commissioner for more info and sign-ups on ASA clinics.

ACE Level I & II available:  Includes ASA’s ACE Manual, lunch, “Hands-on” Instruction, coaches gift, insurance and ACE level I or ACE level II certification.

Cost: free for all SHB coaches. You must email your commissioner to reserve a spot. Indicate Level I or II programs. All coaches must be ASA/ACE certified -minimum- every three years. (Note: You must have certified Level I last year to certify Level II this year – remember that certification is good for only 1 year)

League Rules: It is advisable for all new and previous coaches and their assistants to be familiar with the General ASA softball rules, the SHBGFS standing rules, rule deviations and by-laws as these may be revised from year to year.

Equipment: Each coach will be given a bag of equipment for use during the season. At the end of the season, the bag must be returned to the Equipment Coordinator or the coach may be charged to replace the bag and its contents. Coaches will also be given game balls. If during the season, something breaks or you need additional equipment, contact the Equipment Coordinator.

Bats: The League typically does not supply bats, however there may be a few used bats that are available, inquire with the Equipment Coordinator. In all age divisions higher than 6u, an approved “softball” bat is required. An approved bat must have an “ASA” label of approval on the bat. Wood or aluminum “baseball” bats are not allowed. Umpires will remove these bats from the games. Aluminum “baseball” bats are okay for 6u only.

Batting Helmets:   The League does NOT supply batting helmets, players will need to purchase a NOCSAE approved batting helmet. ASA rules require that ALL helmets MUST have a NOCSAE approved facemask on them. As pitchers throw harder and faster, it is more and more important to protect the face of the player. ASA rules require chin straps for all helmets. What is NOCSAE? It is a safety approval stamp that is required for equipment. Ask your vendor before purchasing.

Uniforms:  The League supplied uniform includes shirt, hat, pants and socks. The team and coach will determine the team’s color. Many teams choose to have their team names embroidered on the hats and/or add names to the back of the shirts. The League does not cover these expenses. Cleats are required. Soccer cleats are okay, but softball cleats cannot be used for soccer. The softball cleats have an extra cleat on the front of the shoe which is illegal for soccer.

Batting Cages:  There is a sign up sheet for the batting cages on the Schedules and Standings page.

Field Set-up Guides:   These guides have been created to assist the Coaching Staff or the Field Set-Up parents in preparing your game fields.

Scorekeepers:  Scorekeeping is an important function in SHBGFS.  It is required that all home teams keep score in the Official Scorebook.  This means that every team MUST have an official scorekeeper.

Practice Schedule:   Practice fields will be assigned at the beginning of the year by the league. See your commissioner for team schedule and details.