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Parent's Corner

Practices and Games: Please remember to be prompt and prepared for practices and games.  Bring liquid refreshment (water, Gatorade, etc.) and a sweatshirt, as well as necessary equipment. It’s also very important to pick up your child on time.  The coaching staff would appreciate your consideration in this matter.  Ask your coach what his procedure is if you are unavoidably detained at the time practice ends.

Practice Dress Code: The girls must wear clothing and gear appropriate for “softball” practice. This includes ball glove, cleats, shirts that can be tucked in, sliding pads, leg and knee pads, long socks, athletic sweats or sport shorts and ball caps or visors. The girls should not wear school school, tennis shoes or sneakers, mid-drift, halter or short tops, short socks, jewelry, inappropriate pants or shorts. The coach may ask the player to sit out of practice if he/ she feels the player is not prepared for practice. This is for the girls’ safety.

Game Dress Code: All girls must wear their assigned uniforms and have proper gear for games. This includes shirt, softball pants, long socks, visor or hat, cleats, sliding shorts, leg and knee pads if desired and ball glove. All shirts MUST be tucked in for games or the umpire will stop the game until everyone complies. Girls are not allowed to wear jewelry during a game, including ear rings. This is for their own protection.

Dugout Rules: During games the coach, manager, assistant coaches, one dugout parent, and the players are the only persons allowed in the dugout. The girls are asked to remain in the dugout throughout the game. Remember all the great moments you want to share and review with them after the game. Your child will appreciate that hug and pat on the back just as much after the game. Your cooperation is appreciated. The player can take their water in the dugout with them, although most coaches will not allow eating in the dugout during a game.

Attendance:  There are some rules regarding missing practices and games. If your child misses two consecutive practices and/or games without prior notification to the coach, she will sit out the following game.  Please take the time to make a call to the coach and tell him or her when your child will not be at practices and games.  We understand there are emergencies and sometimes you can’t make that call.  No problem, just give the coach a call as soon as you can.  We are trying to teach the girls responsibility to their teammates and you can be part of that process.

Bats: The League typically does not supply bats, however there may be a few used bats that are available, inquire with your coach. In all age divisions higher than 6u, an approved “softball” bat is required. An approved bat must have an “ASA” label of approval on the bat. Wood or aluminum “baseball” bats are not allowed. Umpires will remove these bats from the games. Aluminum “baseball” bats are okay for 6u only. What size do you need? Your coach can help.

Batting Helmets:   The League does NOT supply batting helmets, you will need to purchase a NOCSAE approved batting helmet for your daughter. ASA rules require that ALL helmets MUST have a NOCSAE approved facemask on them. As pitchers throw harder and faster, it is more and more important to protect the face of the player. ASA rules require chin straps for all helmets. What is NOCSAE? It is a safety approval stamp that is required for equipment. Ask your vendor before purchasing.

Pick Up That Trash: Please pick up your trash when you leave the field.  NEW FOR 2016! We ask the HOME teams AFTER EACH GAME to clean and pick up trash before they leave.  All parents please help the league and your coaches and pick up the trash at the practices as well. If everyone picks up after themselves, it will be much easier for everyone.

Lost & Found: We have a lost and found box at the Snack Shack.  Try to take ALL of your stuff with you when you leave the field.  If you forget something, take a look in the box at the Snack Shack. Or ask the coach to take a look in the bin after practice.  We’ll pick it up if we see it first, but some things disappear forever.